An old man named Laocheng came to the old town, Changsha, in 1650. He set up a small herbal medicine shop on Pozijie Street and vowed to save the lives in the world with his limited strength. The offspring of Lao Family inherited their ancestors¡¯ career and managed it elaborately. They dreamed that nine ganoderma lucidums grew from the cherry bay in the middle of the yard which inspired them to call the herbal medicine shop ¡°Lao Juizhitang¡± For the beautiful wish, Lao Family worked hard generation by generation and their family career finally developed. At the end of Qing Dynasty and beginning of Mingguo, political situation was turbulent and the people¡¯s livelihood was poor. Although Jiuzhitang had a certain strength in respect of the products quality, shop management and capital source with over 200-odd-year¡¯s difficult development, she came to standstill due to the binding of the feudal production relationship and was always an conservative feudal enterprise without absorbing outside shares and setting up sub dealers. In particular, faction always happened among Lao Family shareholders thus making business on the wane and on the verge of bankrupt up to Mingguo Seventh Year (1918). Lao Kunseng was later elected by the members of Lao Family to be the manager. He advanced Yinyang 300 yuan, substantiate circulating capital and endeavored to neaten shop business. In this way the herbal medicine shop recurred vital force and showed resurgence situation. Up to 1930, the annual turnover reached Yingyang 180,000 yuan and the capital of Jiuzhitang added up to Yingyang 400,000 yuan (including estate). But in November 1938, the houses of Jiuzhitang were burnt and more than half capital was lost due to Wenxi Conflagration in Changsha. The herbal medicine shop was transferred to Lantian town (Lianyuan County at present) to work as of small scale due to Japanese army capturing Changsha in 1944.Jiuzhitang didn¡¯t return to Changsha to reopen until the victory of the war against Japan. In 1949 when Hunan was liberated peacefully, the herbal medicine shop couldn¡¯t recover after a setback.