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   ¡úOur concept ¡¡

 Worldwide Support and Prosperity

The naming of Jiuzhitang chooses ¡°broad mind¡± of Jiuzhou (i.e. China) and ¡°beauty¡± of Zhilan (i.e. fragrant orchids), which embodies that the interdependent relationship and attitude of Jiuzhitang mainly engaged in medicine industry are to develop and coexist together with the society, nation, country and world and the resolution of Juizhitang is to better people¡¯s lives and carry forward noble conducts. We hereby proclaim to the world that Jiuzhitang keeps pace with the advance of times, develops with the society simultaneously and shares the responsibility of making our county more prosperous, and that Jiuzhitang will actively involve herself in the society and repay it and take the responsibility of pursuing happiness for the common people. Facing the more and more fierce market competition, we seek harmonious co-operation and common development internally and externally. ¡°Support each other and share common benefit¡± is the sincere desire and also the vista that we are trying to pursue.

¡¡  ¡ú Our spirit ¡¡ ¡¡ ¡¡

Spread Quintessence Greatly, Repay Public Enormously, Manage Enterprise Strictly and Treat People Sincerely £®

Taking the development of traditional Chinese medicine and carrying on the national culture as her task, Jiuzhitang determines to work with a firm will to better herself, serve the country and repay the society. Jiuzhitang will follow the traditional culture, be strict with her, work conscientiously and build our cause elaborately in terms of operating the enterprise and treating the people. Jiuzhitang will generously treat people, cherish her reputation, keep her word, make friends extensively and perfect herself while accomplishing her cause.

¡¡  ¡úOur Mission Services ¡¡ ¡¡

Services, Sincerity, Support and Prominence

We not only sell products but also services. Quality service is the root of our development and satisfying the customers is the core of our work. We will carry on the traditional spirit of Jiuzhitang¡¯s meticulous operating of the enterprise, regard reputation as her life and establish top-notch brand image with first-rate quality and first-rate services.